A fitness and performance inspired training center, Fortis was founded in 2006 by Joseph Weissenburger.

Fortis’ innovative approach to training brings fitness back to its essentials in a unique way.

Our professional coaches offer clients the highest quality personal coaching experience.

"I have been training at Fortis for close to 10 years and I can always count on a workout that is challenging, effective and well planned. There is always a plan and a goal to be reached. Incredible coaches that truly care about your goals."

-Liz R.

What we offer our clients is special. It's personal and it's focused on exactly what you need.

​Personal Coaching

1 to 1

Life-changing experiences for women and men. Gain control over your health and happiness. Select one of

our many services that best works for you. Click one of the links below to find out more.

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Fortis Fitness is different.

All of our clients would agree:

Buddy Coaching

2 to 1

An Investment in Excellence

Group Coaching

Crush Bootcamp

About Fortis Fitness

"Whether it's personal training or Crush Bootcamp, I always look forward to going to Fortis and feel great when I am finished. The coaches are friendly, professional and knowledgeable in the information in fitness and nutrition. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

-Todd S.

"Fortis Fitness is excellent for creating custom fitness programs tailored to your fitness level. The coaches are knowledgeable, caring, responsive, yet challenging. Whatever your level, they can raise it. I always look forward to trainng at Fortis."

-Doreen M.

A fitness class like no other. Half cardio, half strength training. Efficient, effective and highly energizing.

Receive the same expert coaching along side a friend. It's fun and will be perfect for both your needs.

Hear what our clients have to say!

Over the years we have watched fitness fads and diet crazes come and go. But when the

fads die out and crazes fail,  people turn to what works...they turn to Fortis.

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